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Shun Shifu Plaugher (Head Instructor)

Violence victim finds resolution through martial arts

By Jennifer Duncan | January 28, 2011

Noel Plaugher was simply minding his own business when he was attacked, stabbed and beaten up in Hollywood, Calif. in 1990.

Being a victim of a violent crime was a life-changing event as he weathered a long mental and physical recovery.

“First, I experienced euphoria at being alive,” he said. “Then the paranoia set in. I had post-traumatic stress and it was difficult to cope with everyday life”

As he recovered, Plaugher moved back to Northern California, where a friend persuaded him to get involved in noncompetitive self-defense classes.

“I was a non-athletic person my entire life, I mean really non-sweating,” he recalled. “At first, the self-defense classes were just therapy. But I started to get into martial arts and liked how it started building confidence, health and strength in me.”

Much later, Plaugher and his wife Brenda relocated to Georgia, and they currently reside in Vinings with their 6-year old son, Christopher. Plaugher has always pursued and followed martial arts as an exercise program as well as a way of coping with the traumatic event in his past.

“This branch of martial arts is called Shou Shu (sounds like “show shoe”) and is a Chinese style derived from Kung Fu,” He said.

As the first Shou Shu school in the state of Georgia, Moore’s Chinese Martial Arts will emphasize respect and confidence.

“Shou Shu is the ultimate art of unarmed combat as well as being a superb system in achieving physical fitness and confidence in oneself,’’ he said. “ This is an unsurpassed system of self-defense which combines a vast array of pressure points and joint locking.”

“We’ll have a variety of classes, from kids, to adults, to senior citizens,” Brenda said. “But one thing that makes us unique is that we’re tailoring some classes for children with special needs.”

“The byproduct of Shou Shu is great health,” Plaugher said. “Martial arts should complement your life. It should be more than recreation. It should enhance your life, health, and being. It’s a sanity-saver; gives people self-confidence, courage and bravery. I know that from personal experience.”

According to Plaugher, Shou Shu is an ancient art that “relies on body motion, utilizing flowing and focused chi for its strikes.”

Mrs. Brenda Plaugher (assistant instructor/party coordinator/office assistant)

You will see Mrs. P in the studio assisting in the kids class.  She is an active PTA member at their son's school and was a pre-school teacher.  Here’s what she has to say, “I love being around the kids, they give me such joy.  I’m so proud of our students when they earn their belts.  We consider all of our students one big family!”