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Moore’s provides great solutions to enhance and augment your wellness program. Look at the options below and see which one is best for your needs. Moore’s has been teaching True Self Defense for over 40 years

Self defense seminar – This seminar covers general self defense. Incorporating various striking and locking techniques against the most common types of self defense situations. This is a good seminar for a diverse group looking basic techniques that work.

Kubotan seminar – The Kubotan is a key chain that is used as a weapon. The Kubotan is used to strike nerves and vital areas. The techniques are also shown “empty hand” as well, so that the student has an alternative if the weapon is not available. Cost of the class includes the weapon.

Women’s self defense seminar – This seminar is geared towards the unique situations that usually confront women. The class covers many holds and escapes that are effective and easy to learn.

Tai Chi / Chi Gung Seminar – This is a unique program that is specifically for health. Based on Chi Gung (energy work) exercises that incorporate both standing (standing in specific postures) and moving forms this program is perfect for people looking for a non-impact meditative exercise that will provide both physical and mental benefits.

Each seminar is 60/90 minutes.
Each seminar can be expanded to a weekly class if preferred.
Cost is determined by the number of participants.

We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable solution that will meet your needs. Contact Shifu Noel Plaugher for details.

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